When to Get a Roof Assessment

Do you know the last time you had a roof assessment for your home? More importantly, are you confident you understand how often this type of assessment should take place? If not, this article is for you. 

Although many people fail to recognize their necessity, roof assessments are incredibly essential to your home’s structural integrity and appearance. These assessments help your roof remain in ideal condition while looking it’s best. Read on to learn how often they should take place and more helpful information about roof health. 

How Often to Schedule a Roof Assessment?

There are multiple instances in which it is a wise idea to conduct a roof assessment. With that said, there is also a specific frequency with which these assessments should occur. Generally, its best to have your roof assessed by a professional at least once per year

Additionally, there are other situations that require a roof to receive an inspection. For instance, if you have recently experienced a strong storm or another form of natural disaster, roofing and other assessments are likely required. With that said, you should not hesitate to evaluate your roof anytime you suspect there is an issue. 

What Components of a Roof Receive Assessment?

While you might expect your roof to be a simple system, that is not the truth. Modern roofs consist of several essential components, each of which requires assessment to ensure they are in peak condition. Below is a quick list of common roofing structures a professional should evaluate during an inspection:

  • Primary structural elements: Your roof includes structures that are vital to the overall state of your home. 
  • Shingles or other roofing materials: These materials comprise the outer layer of your roof and can show visible signs of damage. 
  • Gutter systems: Your gutters and downspouts are responsible for collecting roof water and conveying it away. 
  • Flashing: This roofing feature helps add waterproofing to your roof at critical locations. 
  • Vents and covers: The vents featured on your roof control the amount of air that moves from inside to outside and vice versa. 

There may be many other elements a roof assessor inspects, but the list gives you a decent idea of what this process involves. Along with inspecting those roof components, roof inspectors will also look for signs of pests, rot, mold, and other unwanted materials on and around your roof. 

How Much Does it Cost to Schedule a Roof Assessment?

Before scheduling a roof assessment, it is helpful to have a better idea of what this process will cost. In most cases, a roofing inspection will cost between $125 and $350. However, the exact pricing can vary based on many different factors. Still, despite this cost, regular roof inspections can help you recognize and prevent much costlier roof issues. 

Signs Your Roof Requires Attention

Assessments are the most thorough way to ensure your roof remains damage-free. However, there are also important signs the average person can notice, indicating a roof issue is present. Below is a quick list of signs your roof requires professional attention:

  • Cracked or missing shingles
  • Unwanted gaps that allow for leaks, infestation, poor insulation, and more
  • Sagging or misshapen roof structures
  • Visible water stains
  • Mold and mildew
  • Clogged and overflowing gutters
  • Small granules coming off the roof

Remember, noticing these signs reveals the need for professional attention. While it may be tempting to diagnose or repair a roof on your own, we do not recommend this approach, and it is rarely successful. A better choice is to seek professional help to assess and repair your roof if necessary. 

Common Roofing Repairs

After scheduling an assessment, it is often the case that a roof will require repairs. In such cases, it is beneficial to know about repair options in advance. Below is a list of some of the most common roofing repairs that can arise after an assessment takes place:

  • Material repairs: At times, repairing existing materials is the best way to restore a roof. 
  • Material replacement: When a roof material cannot be repaired, it becomes necessary to replace it entirely with a new one. 
  • Leak prevention: Fixing a leaking roof is one of the most common repair options and prevents water from entering your home. 
  • Gutter cleaning and repair: Ensuring gutter systems operate efficiently is essential to your roof’s stormwater management. 
  • Ventilation enhancement: Improving your ventilation system allows air to circulate properly while keeping your roof in excellent condition. 

When to Choose Roof Repair vs. Replacement

The repairs we mentioned are vital to the success of your roof. However, there are cases in which repairs will fail to restore your roof to the ideal condition. In such cases, full roof replacement is a better option. Still, it is difficult to know when repairs vs. replacement is required. 

Generally, if your roof has extensive damage that repairs cannot address, replacement is the only viable approach. Additionally, if your roof is near the end of its natural lifespan, replacements are also more needed. While lifespans can vary, most roofs last a few decades before a new one should replace them. 

What Happens When You Fail to Assess, Repair, or Replace a Roof?

So far, we have touched on the importance of assessing, repairing, and replacing a roof. However, it is crucial to understand what happens when these fundamental roof maintenance tasks fail to happen. 

First, without assessment, it is much easier for roofing issues to go unnoticed. Lack of assessment allows the damage to spread and become much more costly. 

Next, failure to apply the correct repairs or replacements can be detrimental not only to your roof but to your entire home. Damaged roofs can easily allow pests and water inside while being a detriment to your insulation. Such roofs can also result in structural damage or damage to belongings you store in your attic area. 

Among other issues, a damaged roof can also lead to structural failures and increase the odds of a fire hazard. Since all these negative outcomes are possible, keeping up with regular roof maintenance is essential to the health and longevity of your roof and home. 

Get Help from a Roofing Expert

Although many people fail to recognize the importance of roof maintenance, the quality and state of your roof are fundamental to its longevity and functionality. As such, scheduling a regular roof assessment with a trusted professional is the first step toward keeping your roof in ideal condition. 
For anyone interested in roof assessments in the Columbus, Ohio, area, Ascent Roofs is ready to assist you. Our team has evaluated, repaired, and replaced many roofs in the past, and we would be glad to share these services with you. Reach out to us today to learn more about what we can offer.

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